Find out how to bet on cricket online and about the popular bet types offered.

When fans of cricket want to enjoy the game at a different level, they will find online sportsbooks that will accept cash wagers on the games that are played. Betting on cricket online can be very exciting and rewarding and with so many sportsbooks operating, there are always some great betting options that can yield amazing payouts. When betting on cricket, bettors will quickly see that draw bets are among the most popular placed. Since cricket matches can last for a long time, with some going for three days at a time, draw bets are very popular and are a great way to double the amount of the bet that was placed.

Another way to bet on cricket is to bet on the series scores. International cricket teams will all play each other in test matches. By making a bet in series scores, the bettor will be betting how many wins will be experienced by a single team during a match. Bettors will also be able to bet on the top batsman in the sport. This bet will involve placing a wager on the top scorer of the game.

To be successful with cricket betting, bettors will have to know the different types of cricket game formats. There are one day international games, twenty-twenty games, which will have a limit of 20 overs for each team and test games, which is a match that can last as long as five days. As with any sport, there are many different betting options, but those that are new should stick to simple bets until they become comfortable with the game and learn more about the teams that are involved.

All major online sports betting sites will support cricket bets, especially those that are operating in Europe, where the game is most popular. Betting on cricket is done just as with any other sport and will require a real money account at a licensed sportsbook. With live betting, great odds and many betting options, bettors will always find amazing cricket betting action online. This sport may not be the most popular to bet on online, but it is attracting a number of punters that wish to generate great returns on their initial cash wagers in a sportsbook. When betting on this game, it is important to have a complete understanding of game rules so that proper bets can be placed.